Teen Deep Nature Survival Quest

“6” Saturdays – 8 am 4pm
“2” Saturday to Sunday – Overnight Survival Camps

Ages 13-18

Get outside and go deep into wild coastlines and jungle trails of our island. Everyday of this Teen only program is an immersive exploration of nature! Adventure, fun and learning the survival skills needed to thrive in the wild. Build a fire by friction kit, make a survival shelter, purify wild water, and eat wild edible plants. And most importantly take the time to connect to yourself and other teens who appreciate being outside. We will be going to the wildest coastlines and trails on the island and utilizing the 8 Shields Deep Nature connection tools. In January and May teens will test their skills with an overnight of survival camping from 6am Saturday morning to 9am Sunday morning.

Saturday, Sept 29th 8am- 4pm
Saturday, Oct 27th 8am- 4pm
Saturday, Nov 24th 8am- 4pm
Saturday, Dec 29th 8am- 4pm
Overnite, 6am Jan 26th to 9am Sunday, Jan 27th
Saturday, Feb 23rd 8am- 4pm
Saturday, Mar 23rd 8am- 4pm
Saturday, Apr 27th 8am- 4pm
Overnite, 6am June 1st to 9am Sunday, June 2nd

Cost $995

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