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Nature Skills Wednesday* with Matt and Joby

*Note Day Change

Come join us for a weekly nature skills day with lead instructors Matt Kirk and Joby Joyner. Imagine a day where you get to dive deep into nature connection through learning nature skills! Our passion is to share our accumulated knowledge of learning about nature with you! Through hands on learning and demonstration you will get to jump right in and try it all! Want to start a fire rubbing two sticks together? Let’s do it! Want to learn how to climb a coconut tree? Build trap to catch a crab, fish or prawn? Let’s build a shelter with all natural material to keep you warm and dry! Or learn how to track and stalk animal silently using bird language.

Open to all ages and all skill levels! This multi age learning day is all about learning and practicing nature skills together and living them! Families with younger kids welcome. We ask that younger kids have an adult present with them.

Each week Matt and Joby will offer a day of learning covering skills such as:

Fire by friction
Wild water collection
Wild edible plants
Medicinal plants
Palm weaving
Wildlife tracking
Nature awareness exercises and games
Wildlife Stalking
Animal forms movement
Primitive fishing and trapping
Food curing and drying
Cordage and rope making

Kilauea, Pila’a Coastal Area
Time: 9am- 3pm
Cost : $50 for adults for each Wednesday Date
$30 for kids for each Wednesday Date
Younger kids welcome with adult.