I`iwi Kauai

Native & Endemic Birding Adventures

Endemic Forest Birding Hike– Meet at the trailhead of Kauai’s forest bird plant sanctuaries at the top of the island and go birding for 8 of the most rare and beautiful birds in the world.

Kauai Native and Endemic Birding Excursion – Do you want to bump up your life list with a knowledgeable guide of Kauai’s Birds including native and endemic, ocean, wetland and forest. 1/2 day, Full Day and Multi-day. Food Lodging and Amenities to your preferences available upon request.

Wilderness Awareness Kauai

Survival Skills Adventure Trainings

Fire by friction – Edible and Medicinal Plants – Shelter – Fishing, Hunting, Stalking – Water Purification

Matt Kirk, founder of Kauai Nature School teaches you the basics of wilderness survival and how to live from the bounty of a tropical island with your bare hands. Choose a 1/2 Day, Full Day or Multi day adventure trainings to feed your interest level.

Hiking Foraging Kauai

Jungle Plant Foraging

As well as being a sanctuary of Native and Endemic plants used by the Hawaiian people, the Hawaiian Islands are also smack dab in the middle of a South American, Asian and African tropical plant invasion. Kauai’s Garden Isle is hot and heavy with exotic jungle plants from around the world that provide luscious juicy fruits and miraculous medicines. Come enter and be enveloped by the emerald jungle as we unfold some of the stories of these plants and explore some of the most gorgeous hiking trails the islands have to offer.

Wild Coastline Kauai

Wild Coastline Adventures

Spend the day gleaning and learning about the beautiful coastline of Kauai in search of shells, monk seals and dolphins, whales and wayfaring ocean birds and their stories. Bring a snack and water but leave room for coconuts and other delicious ocean edibles to be found along the way.

Kauai Nature School Village Camp

Wilderness Living

Wilderness survival skills i.e. wild edibles, fire making, shelter building

Kauai Nature School Village Camp


Remembering and spatial awareness exercises.

Kauai Nature School Village Camp


Unstructured travel on the landscape to special places.

Kauai Nature School Village Camp

Animal Forms

Imitating the movements of animals, i.e. dance or exercise, to understand them.

Kauai Nature School Village Camp


Looking for animal track and sign.