Deep Nature Mondays for
Homeschool/ Unschool

Ages 6-9
Ages 10-16

Fall Session
August 7th – December 18th

Winter-Spring Session
January 8th – May 28th

We will follow the DOE schedule of Holidays and days off

$1050 per year
$525 per session
$105 per month
$35 Drop In Per Day

Join our top instructors for an adventure to stoke the fires of curiosity in the jungles and wild coastlines of Kauai!

We follow an interest based learning philosophy called 8 Shields Mentoring in which exploration and passion for learning guide the day. Seeking out the richest landscapes for nature inspiration to set up our days, our participants learn about edible plants and medicine, fire by friction, natural shelters and forts, and how to move in rhythm with nature just like the shows they watch on TV. The day flies by and kids go home saying “Best Day Ever!”.

Many parents utilize our days as an adjunct to science curriculum and nature studies. But most of all participants are happy to meet other participants who share their love of nature and the outdoors.