Kauai Nature School Village Camp

Nature Awareness and Invisibility

Nature Awareness and Invisibility This is a favorite for those who crave quiet time in nature, or want to see wildlife undisturbed. Matt teaches advanced awareness skills for connecting to the awareness field of nature and how to move through it in balance. You’ll find out how to get close to wildlife undetected, and learn to “ read” the forest …

Kauai Shelter


Shelter Did you love building forts as a kid? Kauai’s lush rain forests provide ample opportunities to investigate the basics of shelter building. Join Matt in becoming co-creator of a survival shelter that is as artistic as it is useful. This is especially fun for parents who want to share their fort building with their children, as well as equipping …

Foraging in Kauai


Food Learn how to identify, gather and process wild edible plants, ocean edibles. How to use easy hunting and trapping methods. Advanced stalking and camouflage. Bow and Arrow making. Storage and preserving of plants and meat.

Hiking Kauai


Water How do you locate and gather fresh water, and make sure it is safe to drink? Our Mt. Waialeale may be the wettest spot on earth, but Kauai has many wilderness areas with no obvious sources of safe drinking water. Learn how to gather, purify and store water in a variety of different locals: beach, jungle, riverine and open …

Fire by Friction

Fire by Friction

Fire by friction Start a fire without matches using only wild gathered materials to make friction techniques the ancients used to create fire. How to select the right wood and make a fire kit made to your body dimensions. Types of tinder, fire pits and cooking.

Private Survival Field Study

Private Nature Skills Training

Kauai Nature School’s Founder Matt Kirk is now offering: Have you always wanted to learn how to be more self sufficient in nature? I have created these private and small group trainings as a resource for people who want to get a strong foundation in the core aspects of wilderness living so they can become competent and confident using them …