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Kauai Nature School was founded in 2005 to provide quality nature education programs for youth and adults on the island. We focus on nature connection and awareness of the plants animals and ecology in our own back yards using experiential place based education and earth-based cultural and community building.

Kauai Nature School’s
Founder Matt Kirk is now offering:

Private Nature Skills Training

Have you always wanted to learn how to be more self sufficient in nature?

I have created these private and small group trainings as a resource for people who want to get a strong foundation in the core aspects of wilderness living so they can become competent and confident using them in nature. I really believe the artful ways that our ancestors used to live in harmony with all of life are key and a relevant way for us to stay balanced and connected to nature in our modern lives.


Private Classes and Coaching 1-3 people: $50 per hour discount Per 8hr block

Small Group Rates 4-10 people: $75 per hour

Large group rates 10+ people: $95 per hour

Contact Matt Kirk to set your class

Matt Kirk is the founder of Kauai Nature School. He has studied wilderness survival and wildlife tracking since 1996 and has been a wilderness survival and environmental education instructor for over 12 years. Matt has worked as a guide on Kauai and Oahu since 2002, as well as teaching wildlife tracking and wilderness survival in Washington State, Idaho, and his home state of Minnesota. Matt has traveled to Africa to study with the famed Kalahari Bushmen. He is a 2001 graduate of the Wilderness Awareness School Residential Program. On the Mainland, he has worked for Wilderness Awareness School, Power of Hope teen empowerment camp, Boys to Men Minnesota, and has taught wilderness survival classes in Hawaii since 2002, on O’ahu at Lyon Arboretum, and on Kauai as private mentor for youth wilderness training. Matthew is also a long time student of Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School.