Welcome to Kauai Nature School.

We are an island wilderness school for all ages and skill levels. We have fun and engaging camps, after school programs and homeschool programs that teach kids how to thrive in the wild.
Survival workshops, adventure tours and trainings for adults where you can learn survival skills that could save your life like how to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, wild water purification, survival shelters, and wild and edible plant foraging.
Let our deep nature connection expand your experience of the natural world through our workshops and tours on bird language, holistic tracking, and animal forms stalking.
All of this on the most beautiful coastlines and jungles trails in the pacific!

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Deep Nature Connection – Mentoring – Community

Kauai Nature School was founded to provide quality nature connection education and adventure programs. Kauai Nature School offers curriculum that is based on earth based cultural traditions that support placed based learning and direct experience of nature.
Kauai Nature School offers quality outdoor education that inspires people to learn more about their natural surroundings and draw upon the revivifying power of nature. Kauai Nature School supports and nurtures lasting connections with nature.

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